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Miracles For Peace​
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In The Present Moment:
My office location is in transition.  Off-site bodywork sessions are available as well as Reiki and Theta sessions by phone or long distance.  There is no travel fee for the off-site sessions.

Yoga Massage
Slow and gentle deep stretching, compressions and acupressure release aches and pains while muscles are relaxed and lengthened. Targets neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips and legs. You wear stretchable clothing throughout the session while laying on a massage table. Warm towel foot massage, warm neck towel, facial acupressure.
​Prices include sales taxes:
1.5 hour - $125
2 hour - $155
Pay after the service
(Cash, Credit Card)
(Checks accepted w/estab clients)
For off-site, add $20 travel fee.
Book Online (tab above left) or
Text /Call 612-401-3999
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Healing For Healers 
Audio Series

Deep healing for those in 
all Western & Eastern 
healing careers
and for those 'healers' 
in corporate careers

Healing For Healers 
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Downloadable Audios
Download a Healing Session to listen to whenever it's convenient for you-
you can listen to them over and over again an unlimited number of times - a fantastic value.

You’ll want to have water available during and after the sessions. 
For the Reiki session audios you can either lay down on a bed or sofa or sit in a reclining chair.
For the other sessions- sit in a chair that is more upright like a kitchen, dining room or desk chair. 

Although these audio sessions are not a journaling exercise, you can have a pen and paper available if there are any messages, memories or ideas that come up for you during the recording. Feel free to journal after the session if you choose.

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These recordings are copyrighted by 

Reiki Session- 30 Minutes (replayable audio) $25  
Receive a 30 minute Reiki session by listening to this audio. You can have a focused intention for the session or you can have the session be for your highest and best good for what you need at any time.
Session length is 30 minutes, music plays up to 45 minutes.

Reiki Session- 60 minutes (replayable audio) $49  
Receive a 1 hour Reiki session by listening to this audio. You can have a focused intention for the session or you can have the session be for your highest and best good for what you need at any time.
Session length is 1 hour, music plays up to 1 hour, 15 minutes.

Body Category

Radiation Removal (replayable audio) $10.00
This recording is for removing radiation caused by electronic devices or other sources. 
Session length is 10 minutes, music continues to 15 minutes

Love to Cancer (replayable audio) $10.00
Removes the most common negative beliefs about having cancer and needing to die from it along with the contracts.  Cancer cells get confused as to why they are being attacked because they are just doing their job for you - they are taking in and thriving on the angers, resentments, griefs, sorrows and all other unresolved negative emotions in you as they are supposed to- it’s their job.  So, sending the cancer cells love- and gratitude and understanding for the lessons learned from the cancer experience, lowers the defensiveness and creates co-operation for them to leave the body.
Session length is approximately 20 minutes, music plays to 27 minutes

Body Systems Category
***All Body System Audios do a Reset, Repair & Balance***
The Reset is for bringing in to the glands the job description and complete operating instructions 
for optimal function. It also resets blood flow circulation and nervous system communication 
to, from and within these tissues.  The Repair is for reconnecting the energy of any previously 
removed tissue and for trauma repairs. All tissue is connected to the energy field of the 
body and when any tissue gets removed in this or past lives, the energy field can get disrupted. 
Trauma can be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.  Balancing brings in positive energy to 
all the Endocrine system tissues and recalibrates your energy field.

Lymphatic System (replayable audio) $49
A Reset, Repair and Balance (as above) of the components of the Lymphatic System which includes the nodes/glands, channels/ducts, fluid, tonsils and appendix.  The Lymphatic System is a subsystem of the Circulatory System- it cleans the toxins and debris from the body’s fluids which is why it's so common for cancer cells to get stuck, accumulate and grow in the lymph nodes.  This is an important one to consider doing if you are treating cancer and good to do for cancer prevention.  Clearing your Lymph system is good to do periodically.
Session length: approximately 20 minutes, music plays up to 27 minutes.

Endocrine System (replayable audio) $49
A Reset, Repair and Balance (as above) for the glands of the Endocrine System which includes the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroids, thalmus, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries/testes.  It's function is to produce and secrete hormones that affect the function and balance of the entire body including metabolism and water absorbtion.  If you have chronic issues that keep pulling your Endocrine system out of balance, you may want to listen to this every month or so to bring it back into balance.
​Session length: approximately 20 minutes, music plays up to 27 minutes.

Immune System (replayable audio) $49
A Reset, Repair and Balance (as above) of the components of the Immune System which includes the bone marrow, thymus, spleen, tonsils, Peyer’s patches (in the small intestine), appendix, and the accessory organs of lymph nodes, and liver.  The function of the Immune system is to protect against infections, disease and growth of tumor cells.  This is good to do periodically when you are dealing with chronic health issues.
Session length: approximately 20 minutes, music plays up to 27 minutes.

Environment Category

Personal Space Clearing-(replayable audio) $25
This Theta Healing audio clears your past and current personal spaces of stuck or negative energy (which includes ghosts or spirits), negative emotions and traumas. We can also unknowingly have old energetic attachments to buildings and spaces that can drain our energy system which affects our physical energy.
(This is not for Workplaces, Business Owner, Real Estate Agent or Landlord property situations).

WorkPlace Space Clearing (Available date pending) 
For clearing negativity from your workplace whether you are an employee or the business owner. Remove negative karma with co-workers/employees.​

Landlords Space Clearing (Available date pending)  
For clearing negativity for an entire inventory of buildings, homes and spaces. And for clearing the negative karma between you and tenets (past and present).


All recordings are copyrighted by 
Nancy Hyvarinen with

Young Living Essential Oils
are therapeutic grade high quality pure essential oils that have not been cut with fillers.
​I make aromatherapy sprays with them to use during my sessions.
​Find out more at:
Distributor #1357474
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