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Receive the healing that your Soul is longing 
for to experience more of who you are 
Release the Blocks to Your Self and Your Path

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With this free 7 minute muscle testing recording 
you will learn how to do muscle testing three different ways so that you can check with your body and Soul about present and past issues. It’s a way to get answers that your conscious mind won’t be able to know the answers to.

The first thing that you always do before muscle testing is to drink water because dehydration can affect the accuracy of the answers, 
so drink some water if you haven’t recently 

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Healing Your Inner Child 
with Theta Healing

Group Healing for Adults (18+)

Let Me Know If You Are Interested in this Session Running Again!

​* release the negative programming of your parents that you took on in the womb including healing issues around your conception
* release traumas of the birth experience
* healing experiences and fears of abandonment
* healing childhood wounds from parental interactions
* healing traumas around speaking your truth as a child
Note: This is not a journaling session or a counseling session.

No registration required, yet it would be great if you could text "yes" or "maybe" to 612-401-3999 to make sure I have enough chairs out - bring water

Unity Church, Minneapolis
4000 Golden Valley Road
(Hwy 100 & Duluth St Exit -
go East 1/2 mile)
Free parking in front or back lots
or on street