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 About Nancy Hyvarinen
Theta Healing® Advanced Practitioner & Instructor
Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master (Instructor)
Master Hypnotherapist & Instructor 
Crystal Viewing Practitioner, 
Certified Massage Therapist & Injury Repair Specialist

Rose Light Healing

Why is my business name about Roses?
Roses represent harmony, purity, truth and beauty
and is the highest vibration of all flowers.

The concept of harmony is alive in all aspects of the rose 
along with it's ability to adapt and persevere.
It's scent has mood balancing effects.

Pure Rose has the highest vibration of all essential oils
with a frequency of 320 MHz (1,604,284 {TE/L} ORAC scale).  
When this aromatherapy oil is used, the frequency of every cell is enhanced, bringing balance and harmony to the body.

The Rose is known as the Queen of Flowers.
It is also my birth month flower and 
has always been very special to me.

I get asked this a lot -
 my last name is Finnish

My Dad is Finnish (his dad) 
& German (his mom);

My Mom is all Irish

I have an extensive background in both the Western Medical Field and 
Eastern Alternative Health Therapies 

I started out working in clinics and urgent care centers doing 
medical procedure assisting, lab testing and x-rays for many years.  
I then moved on to Ski Patrol, EMT in ambulances and EMT in hospital 
Emergency Rooms. Then Paramedic, Instructor, and Instructor-Trainer. 
This has given me a strong background in anatomy, physiology and body systems.  
​1998- I transitioned to eastern alternative healing therapies with 
            Hypnosis & NLP (Master Practitioner & Trainer) with Meta Institute and             then Tad James (Advanced Neuro Dynamics).

1998- Reiki I & II with Meta Institute;
1999- Reiki Master with Barbara Simmons;

2002- Massage Therapy, Aveda Institute;
2003- Stone Massage Therapy, Centerpoint School of Massage;  
2003- Positional Release Injury Repair, CenterPoint School of Massage- I began             using this as the primary way to release muscle tension and                                  restore muscle function. 

2006- Regression Hypnosis with Julia Ingram.
2007- Medical Intuitive Levels I & II (Quantum Energy Healing);
2008- Medical Intuitive Level III (Quantum Energy Healing).  
2008- Young Living Distributor (Therapeutic Grade Essentials Oils) Distributor             #1357474,

2009- Spiritual Energy Healing and Psychic Development, Echo Bodine; 
2009- Medium training, Lisa Andres (Certified by Doreen Virtue);
2012- Medium training, James Van Praagh.

2012- Theta Healing- Basic and Advanced, Manifesting & Abundance;
2013- Theta Healing SoulMate and Rhythm to a Perfect Weight with Vianna Stibal;
2013- Theta Healing Instructor for Basic, Advanced, Manifesting & Abundance,             SoulMate, and Rhythm to a Perfect Weight with Vianna Stibal.
2014- Theta Healing World Relations with Kathryn Williams.
2016- Theta Healing Game of Life with Dawn Maree.

2017- Shiatsu Basics, CenterPoint School of Massage & Shiatsu.

2018- Spiritual Acceleration, with Bonnie Serratore.