Release the Blocks to Your Self and Your Path

Receive the healing that your Soul is longing for 
to experience more of who you really are


Balanced Body Weight 
2 Hour Sessions by Conference Call
with Theta Healing

A  2 session healing series that provides you with the optimal 
circumstances to achieve a balanced body weight.  

This program will address the most common mental, emotional and physical reasons you have been unable to achieve a balanced weight.

*Remove the unconscious beliefs, programs, decisions, resentments and fears from this life, past lives and genetics that are blocking you from achieving a healthy weight- we will spend the majority of the time on this;
*Learn a method you can do yourself for releasing genetic overweight issues;
* How to increase metabolism when movement is difficult or painful;
* Find out why you prefer stillness to healthy movement;
* Remove the triggers and habits that cause you to crave or eat certain foods;
Change your neurology to make appropriate or better food choices;
Clear and reset your Lymphatic system to help your body release toxins;
* Learn how to appropriately bless and energetically clear your food;

This program is for you if: you have done everything the experts say to do with diet and exercise and it didn’t work; you can ‘feel’ the weight being forced onto your body and you can’t explain why; you feel you have a slow metabolism; you don’t like to exercise; you have too many cravings for the ‘wrong’ foods or suspect you have an addiction to certain foods.  

This session is scheduled 1 or 2 times each year-
contact Nancy if you would like to schedule it 
for your own group