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Crystal Viewing
& Past Life Regression

Crystal Viewing is an easier, faster way to access the information that you need to heal or release any problem you are dealing with in comparison to traditional hypnosis. You can discover what Soul issues or ancestral sources are causing or contributing to the problem you want to solve.  

Crystal Viewing is a form of Regression Hypnosis. Many people call Regression Hypnosis “Past Life Regression” or “Past Life Hypnosis”, yet regression means anything from the moment of now to anytime in the past, whether its anytime in this life back to the point of conception, or your ancestral past that you inherited through your genetics (DNA), or **past lives (which would include the time between each life).  

Crystals have many amazing properties and it has been scientifically proven that they can form energy grids. When certain crystals are arranged in a particular way they form an energy grid that facilitates a meditative brain state. The advantage of using a crystal grid vs traditional hypnosis is that you are able to get to that deep brain wave much faster than traditional hypnosis techniques and it is easier to relax and hold this meditative state for a long period of time which makes it much easier to observe the information that you need to access.  

Past choices or events can appear in the present as repeating negative patterns or behaviors that may seem impossible to resolve when you’ve “tried everything” with little or no positive changes. A Crystal Viewing will take you back to the very beginning of the pattern to get the information, the lessons and the gifts that will allow the healing to resolve its echoes in your life today. You do not re-live traumatic experiences with this method. 

**It is not necessary to believe in ‘past lives’ in order to participate in this healing technique or to have it work for you. This is not a test of your beliefs - merely another way to access healing for your Soul for a current life problem. Sometimes our unconscious mind gives us the answers we need through an actual experienced event or through stories or even fictional cartoon characters. It isn’t about where the information is found, it’s about getting the information that allows the healing and positive change to occur.

Crystal Viewing can be used to:

*Explore root causes of problems you are experiencing now by getting information from the past or find origins of ancestral/genetic issues and heal them;

* Visit any time period or event in this life to get a full perspective, find out if it has a past source and heal the issues that were caused from that event-  this is extremely helpful with relationship issues;

* Talk to your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to get information and help from them;

* Explore your future - where will you be 5 or 10 years from now based on what you have created so far, come back to now and release the negative beliefs or programs that keep you from having the future you want;

* Travel to any point on the Earth and any time period to experience what was happening then- such as explore ancient ruins and the people who lived there;

One of the other benefits of doing Crystal Viewing sessions is that it rapidly improves your intuitive skills. 

Individual 2 hour Crystal Viewing session for $190
The individual session is done either sitting or lying down 
and is done over the phone.

Facilitator: Nancy Hyvarinen
Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer since 1998 

Hypnosis, Regression 
& Past Life Regression​

PLEASE NOTE: I now do Crystal Viewings instead of Hypnosis or Regression Hypnosis due to the easier, deeper and faster results that can be accomplished.
If your heart is set on doing a Hypnosis session- contact me and we'll schedule it.

Nancy is a Certified Master/Trainer Hypnotherapist.

HYPNOSIS works with your unconscious mind and your nervous system in a trance state to reconnect and communicate with all the parts of yourself to achieve inner balance. This allows you to tap into the mind and body to influence results in ways that would seem impossible in ordinary states of conscious awareness. You may have heard hypnosis be called guided imagery? because both styles work directly with the unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a simple yet powerful tool which allows you to bypass the logical and judgmental conscious mind and focus on the wants and needs? deep in your subconscious mind. Habits and beliefs are recorded at the unconscious level. Every problem has a root cause that helps to lead you to the solution(s). Hypnosis can produce excellent results in many unwanted behaviors and illnesses that are poorly managed by conventional medicine. Hypnosis complements all other healing modalities and won't interfere with any ongoing treatments already in progress. 

I have been afraid to try hypnosis because it seems like mind control. Is it safe? Clinical hypnosis with a qualified professional is gentle and respectful. In trance, you are in a very relaxed state yet you are aware of your surroundings at all times and are fully able to monitor your thoughts and control words spoken. Because of that, nothing occurs during the session without your knowing about it. The practitioner cannot control your mind in any way or give you suggestions to follow that are against your own personal or moral codes. Clinical hypnosis done for healing purposes is not the same as stage hypnosis done for entertainment. 

I have tried hypnosis but I feel it didn't work. Is there hope for me? Everyone can be hypnotized. We are all in and out of hypnotic trances many times throughout the day - watching TV, daydreaming, or while driving. Whatever concerns or fears you may have about it, we start where you are and progress you to where you want to be. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis because it is about following simple directions. 

I am afraid that I will remember something traumatic. Your unconscious mind protects you and knows what issues you are ready for. If you come across an unpleasant memory, you are guided out of it immediately and are helped to resolve it. 

**What is Regression Hypnosis? Regression is anything from right now going backwards. That could be sometime in this life, in the womb, or a past life. There is no requirement to believe in past lives to do regression hypnosis. It could also be a metaphorical past life. Sometimes our unconscious minds use fairy tale stories or to learn a lesson and get the solution to a problem.

How many sessions will it take? It can depend on the type of issue, how long the issue has been a problem for you and what your goals are. You decide how quickly to proceed and how often. Deep, chronic or traumatic issues may take several sessions to resolve.

Individual 2 hour session - $300.00

A basic Regression Hypnosis session is required with myself or another certified practitioner before doing a Life Between Lives Therapy Session which is exploring what occurs between the last life and this life to learn why you set up this life the way you did. A Life Between Lives Session is about 4-5 hours.
I suggest you consider the Crystal Viewing method instead to save time and money.

"I have personally experienced 
the miraculous healing power 
of past-life regression".

~ Dr. Wayne 
W. Dyer ~