Release the Blocks to Your Self and Your Path

Receive the healing that your Soul is longing for 
to experience more of who you really are


Healing For Healers
2 hour Sessions by Conference Call
Replays available if you miss the call

Deep healing for those in all Western & Eastern healing careers 
or for those who are planning on starting a 
healing vocation of any type.

Removing the negative beliefs, programs, fears, past traumas and more that affect you as a healer and are keeping you stuck from moving forward in any area- these are healed on all levels of your Soul: this life, past lives, genetic ancestry and all that your Soul is. This is for you whether you are self-employed, working in corporate or are in process of becoming a healer.

Are you an Empath? Super sensitive and taking on others peoples negative energies? Feeling drained a lot and don’t know why? You very likely have taken on contracts to do this from past lives - these can be removed and you can keep your gifts and sensitivities without taking on negativity;

Is it difficult being who you are? Do you feel vulnerable or unsafe as a healer? Are you hiding your gifts and your business? Or are people not seeing you, hearing you? Experiencing blocks around your gifts? Having difficulty speaking your truth? These are likely past traumas as a healer that will be removed;

Do you have a connection and relationship with your Soul and Higher Self?  Your Guides and Angels?  With Creator or God/Source?  As healers it is common to have blocks to your Spiritual Advisors that need removing;

Are you having difficulty asking for money or getting paid for your work? Do you have self-worth or deserving issues? Lack of abundance or prosperity? Having sacrifice issues? Probably old contracts or vows of poverty from past lives as a healer;

These sessions are not a journaling exercise and 
they are not coaching sessions- 
they are many hours of deep transformative healing.

Receive the healing that your Soul is longing for 
to experience more of who you are. 

The Sessions will include:
Releasing Empath contracts and Psychic Attacks, Remove Trauma from past experiences as a Healer, Release negativity, 
Protection & Safe to Be a Healer;
Bringing in Your Gifts, Safe to Speak Your Truth, Bring in your Power, Be Seen as a Healer;
Healing your Relationships with your Intuition, Higher Self, your Guides, and Creator/God & releasing imposters;
Remove blocks to money, Release vows of poverty.

Listen to this Audio Demo of the Program:

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If you are interested in this program, as an in-person
group healing experience​
contact Nancy to get this scheduled.

With this free 7 minute muscle testing recording 
you will learn how to do muscle testing three different ways 
so that you can check with your body and Soul 
if you need any of the audios before you purchase them. 

It’s a way to get answers that your conscious mind won’t 
be able to know the answers to.

The first thing that you always do before muscle testing is 
to drink water because dehydration can affect the 
accuracy of the answers, 
so drink some water if you haven’t recently 

Let me know if you have any trouble getting the audio to play