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*Injury Repair & Deep Muscle Tension
*Massage Therapy 

Injury Repair & Deep Muscle Tension

Heal your deep aches and pains with gentle touch
injury repair and energy healing

Positional Release is the new style of deep tissue that is gentle and incredibly effective. It is not necessary to experience the ripping, digging and elbows to release muscle tension and injuries. When your muscles are filled with tension and toxins (lactic acid) they are already in an injured state. With the old painful style of deep tissue that rips and digs at the muscle to force out the tension from the outside, you are putting another injury on top of the existing injured tissue. Then your muscles are sore, inflamed and bruised and have to recover from the session. You get some minor temporary relief because the muscle tissue was pushed around, but no deep or long term relief. So you go back for more massage because the tension isn't gone and get more injured tissue. And round and round in downward cycles you go. Muscle tension release or injury repair doesn't need to be painful to get results.

With Positional Release the body or limb is positioned so that the targeted muscle releases the tension from the inside out when gently triggered. The result is a deeper true release without the pain, bruising or inflammation so there is no damage to recover from. It is very relaxing and you will be amazed at the results. 

Positional Release can be used for any muscle, tendon or ligament in the body even if it is at or near a joint. It works even on old injuries that have not responded to other therapies- I have had great success in releasing injuries that were over 50 years old.

I also specialize in using this technique for releasing tension from the spinal muscles (from the skull down to the tailbone).  
We tend to build and hold a lot of tension in the spine which can compromise nerve and blood flow in the entire body.

Professional Massage for the Whole Body 
with Reiki energy balancing are 
incorporated into a relaxing experience with a 
heated towel for your neck, 
heated stone massage for your back and 
heated towel foot massage;  
Organic unscented warmed lotion is used for the body, 
(no lotion is used for the scalp or face)
and 100% Cotton flannel sheets 
(unscented eco friendly soap, no dryer sheets/no chemicals);  
Therapeutic grade essential oil sprays are used to complement the session, they are sprayed/diffused in the room for you to breathe in – tell me about any allergies or sensitivities; 
Healing music soothes brain waves for increased relaxation.  

Injury Repair/Massage Session Prices:
 You can do the entire session time as all massage or all injury repair. Yet sessions are usually a combination of both- an option is listed below, yet all sessions are customized to your needs.  

Prices include the required taxes

Lake Harriet Office:
1.5 hour (90 minutes) - $145 ($134 + $11 taxes) 
Can be Whole Body Massage (with Reiki) and 
about 5 minutes of Positional Release injury repair.  

2 hours (120 minutes) - $190 ($176 + $14 taxes)
Can be a 90 minute Whole Body Massage (with Reiki) and
30 minutes of Positional Release injury repair. 

"I have been getting body and healing work from Nancy for years.  I am always grateful when I take the time to give this gift to myself.  I leave feeling refreshed, renewed 
and revitalized.  
That is worth every penny."

Sherri Kriesel-Bailey

"The 2 hour session was a totally enjoyable experience.  The atmosphere was relaxed and the process was professional in all aspects.  
The attention to detail was extraordinary.  Afterwards I felt completely refreshed and renewed.  I also found that I had significantly more energy and that continues well after the 2 hours have long passed.  I cannot say enough about what a great feeling I have experienced with this service and highly recommend it to everyone whether for injury repair or 
whole body wellness."

Mark Stangler

"The 2 hour session was awesome. I had it after helping a friend cut a bunch of trees that blew down in a storm. The next day I felt great!"

Rick Skoog

"With all of the serious crash injuries that I've had over the last 30 years I was deeply surprised at the relief that this injury repair style accomplished. I can move in ways that I haven't been able to do in years."
​Airline Pilot
"I had a monthly package set up at a massage chain place and after getting a session done with Nancy I cancelled that package and decided I would go just to her. Quite a big difference in quality and results."
Why no electric blanket?
​The Room Temp is Increased Instead

I am sometimes asked why I don't use the electric blankets on my massage table- there are 3 major reasons:

1. it's unsanitary
2. disruptive to your energy field
3. it doesn't keep the undraped part of you that's being worked on warm anyway

1.  The heat often causes low grade perspiring to happen- that perspiration and the skin cells go through the bottom massage sheet and into the electric blanket.  Multiply that times hundreds of people and you have bacteria heaven. Those blankets cannot be washed - Yuk!!

2.  You are laying directly on top of electrical cords with only a sheet in between- this messes with your energy field and physical body.  
Not good.

3.  When a leg or arm needs to be undraped to be worked on you will get chilled anyway if the room temperature isn't warm enough.  It's all about keeping the room temperature warm enough in the first place so that an electric blanket isn't necessary.