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January 2018

Have you had resolutions for the New Year 
that are already falling apart? 
I am inviting a paradigm shift in your thinking.  Make commitments instead.  I make commitments of what I am changing about my life, my lifestyle, my personality, my soul. 

A resolution is a decision or finding a solution to a problem. Yet it takes more than an idea or a decision to create real permanent change.

A commitment is binding yourself intellectually and emotionally to a decision backed up with action- or an action plan, or even a series of micro steps of action and change in thoughts that propel you forward to new behaviors and habits. A commitment is not what I intend to change sometime this year or gonna do someday soon- it's what I am committed to doing right now today. 

So know that at this New Year time a miracle can occur. You can commit to change any aspect of your self, of your life or any experience that you choose.

Yet also know that any moment on any day of the year can be a New Year, a new beginning. So take that resolution list and and ask yourself what am I really needing to change right now?  Commit to one item. What needs to be on the action list? Break the steps down into micro steps if necessary. Accomplishing even the smallest action feels great and affirms your commitment and direction forward. What items can you do yourself? What items do you need help with?

This is one of my New Years commitments:
I am committing to helping others remove their blocks and obstacles to the flow of their being. Our souls are unbounded and limitless, without fences. The time has come to to get serious about whats not working in our lives and transform those issues.

If there is some part of you that is resisting changes or resisting commitments- then you may need some help in removing the block or obstacle. There are two ways to do this: do the work yourself, or get help from an appropriate practitioner. I am one of many who can be a resource on your action plan list to create those changes. Your commitment, my practitioner experience and Theta Healing will remove those obstacles.
Have a Blessed, Committed New Year


These are some newsletter archives about the energy changes we were experiencing in 2012 at the shift of the Ages​:

December 21, 2012
12-21-12 (the Solstice) ended the Mayan calendar said to be a 5,000 year cycle of struggle from old power and control systems. It's a shift to a new Earth with love, compassion, care, unity, empathy and reverence- really appreciating life. Many unexpected stormy weather events and unexpected violent events against people at this time focused our awareness on the sacredness of life.

August 2012
Solar Attunement Energy - August is the time each year when the Earth and our human bodies receive a Solar Attunement.  The core of our galaxy aligns with Sirius Major, then to the Polaris star, on to our Sun, then to the magnetic patterning of the Earth and then to us.  The gold, silver and copper antennas on the obelisks in Egypt help bring in the Light.  "They" knew what they were doing when they built the pyramids.

July 2012
Remember the pop group The Fifth Dimension and their song "The Age of Aquarius" from the sixties?  It spoke of the major energy shift that was coming, yet most people didn't pay much attention to it other than it was a fun, upbeat song to sing along with.  Well in 1966 there was an unusual astrological occurrence when two planets, Uranus and Pluto were in a position called 'squared'.  At the time the energy from this didn't take hold- the consciousness of the planet wasn't ready for it yet and because the energy on the planet at that time was still so dense, it only impacted us on a superficial level. And that squaring of those two planets occurred again at the end of June 2012 which marked the official change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The energy isn't so dense anymore and it is impacting us on many levels.

Astrologer Mark Borax gives this analogy: There are times when the world body gets twisted and the collective organism that each of us are a part of gets out of whack. What got most twisted was cultural and economic power.  During the 2,100 years long Age of Pisces the few ruled the many.  Power was in the hands of kings, popes and monarchs.  During the Aquarian Age power is scheduled to be returned to the people. Because this Age is in its infancy, this transformation won't happen overnight. It's just beginning now and everyone alive is a bridge between the Old and New. It's up to us now to hold a strong vision of a better way for our world, ourselves, and our children.

At the end of the Piscean Age our species got kinked into its most severe twist. During a time of such falsehood and distortion we can't get back to something real without twisting the twist. This month's cosmic weather is energized by fresh gales, strong winds of change, intense lunar spotlights, and many kinds of adjustments to untwist this mess.

The sharp impact of astrological forces in July, right after the Uranus-Pluto square that ushered us into Aquarius last month, can be understood as a sudden cosmic chiropractic adjustment to snap the world body back into place and release chronic karmic pain.

The Capricorn Full Moon in July 2012 was the first chiropractic adjustment of the month which plunges us into intensities that we've been creating for a long time without realizing it. Capricorn rules inner and outer structures: the skeleton, the spine, the back, bones and knees as well as political and cultural institutions. Like a human body that adapts to bad posture and pays for it in old age, our distortions are crippling us, and the straightening of this bad posture can realign both your own body and, by extension, world culture. This Full Moon sends a laser beaming into the personal and larger structures you belong to. But chiropractic adjustments can hurt, which means this Moon packs a sting that can backfire if you blame the world's pain on someone else without recognizing how you may be contributing to it by lapsing into a warped posture over a long period of time without awakening to what you're doing. The job of July's Full Moon is to illuminate rightful and wrongful uses of power.

June 2012 
marks the official change over 
from the ending of the Age of Pisces
to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius

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I am not an astrologer, yet I read about astrological events because planetary shifts affect us in many ways and there have been many unusual planetary formations in the last several years and they will be going on for quite some time. There are four astrologers that I have found provide good information in different ways:

Debra Silverman

Lisa Zimmerman (

​Mark Borax, Chinese Astrology (

Dr. Stanley (

I used to post their pertinent astrology information on this website and by newsletter- yet I am no longer doing this. So check out their websites and sign up for their newsletters to receive the current weekly information. 

There are many occurances of retrograde planet times, yet Mercury is the most well known.​

Also check out the information about Moon Voids

You can check when this occurs on many websites.

This happens about every 3 months for about 3.5 weeks. The #1 thing to do is back up your data on all devices. Mercury also rules ground transportation so have your vehicle in good working order, double check travel plans and directions.

Mercury represents your thinking, communication style, the way you access information and make decisions, how you perceive reality, deal with details and express yourself. During a Mercury retrograde all forms of communication are susceptible to disruption along with how information is transmitted - by email, fax, phone, Facebook, Twitter, FedEx. This can manifest as lost information, contracts that fail to stick, miscommunications or misunderstandings, lost or delayed mail, equipment malfunctions - snafus in general.

What NOT to do during a Mercury Retrograde: don’t make any major purchases especially electronic equipment or appliances as it will be common for something to be wrong with the item or the transaction. This is not the time to announce or launch new projects, get married (unless you’ve done it before), list a house or real estate, or sign a contract. Contracts do not stick when signed during a retrograde or if they do, you’ll wish that you hadn’t as new information will come to light when Mercury goes direct.

What TO DO: This is the time to do all of the “re” activities - review, revise, redo, revisit, reorganize and work on projects already in progress. Clear whatever is no longer useful in your life whether it is physical clutter, old habits or outdated ideas that no longer serve you. Complete things that have been left undone as unfinished projects drain your energy and attention. This may be a time when you find lost items from doing clutter clearing.  

This is optimal energy for reviewing your goals, acknowledging accomplishments, for meditation, reflection and introspection. This is also a time to get your financial house in order- review budgets or to make one to know where money is coming from and going to. If you need to make amends, offer an apology or reconnect with a loved one, friend or yourself this is the perfect time. “Choosing not to be offended is proactive forgiveness” - Harry Palmer

Mercury Retrograde is meant to shift your attention away from new things and the external world and bring to within to focus on contemplating, clearing, planning, rectifying, amending, completing and slowing down long enough to get clear about your intentions of where you’re going, what you’re doing, and how you direct your energy. So a retrograde is a blessing from the Universe. Don’t fight it and swim upstream, rather focus on being in the flow.