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Reiki & Reiki Classes

Reiki is an Eastern style of energy balancing used to relax, replenish and heal the body.  Reiki is for individuals, couples, families, or caregivers.   Reiki is not massage (it is done with clothes on) and it can be used with or without physical touch.  Reiki is used for deep relaxation, stress release, speeded recovery from injury or surgery, aids the natural ability of the body to heal itself by replenishing its immune system, pain relief, release of traumatic emotions or body memories, decreased anxiety and increased mental clarity.  

Receiving energy balancing helps symptoms such as: feeling out of balance or stressed, lower energy levels, sleep disruptions, anxiety, unable to relax, mental/emotional distress, poor concentration, mood swings or character shifts feeling stuck or feeling like something just needs to shift.

We have seven chakras that disperse energy to our organs, glands and tissues. The chakras are aligned in the center of our bodies from the crown of our head down to our tailbone. The Hara line brings the energy into our body and connects the chakras. There are chakra layers and auras that surround our body. If there are blockages or damage to the Hara, chakras or aura layers there can be disruption of energy flow and disruption of our body, organs and systems.

Other ways to help yourself now: get more sleep at night; drink more water; decrease or eliminate caffeine; stretch often; exercise; eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and grains; get bodywork done.

Reiki sessions are done 'long distance' which means you lay down in bed when you are ready for bedtime at night and just think about the healing starting and receive the session.  Simply set the intention for the session by thinking about the issue for about 30 seconds and then forget about it and relax.  It is not necessary that you stay awake for the session unless you want to.  Energy healing is very relaxing- so feeling drowsy or falling asleep is normal.  

It is unknown how many sessions it will take to heal any particular issue- let your intuition guide you as to how long of a session to do and after you've had some time to integrate the session, check in to how you feel and if needed, you can do another.  Regular Reiki sessions will do wonders for general increased well being.

60 minute session - $75
For general relaxation, more simple issues or small sleep disturbances.  Can also be for multiple session treatments for more complex issues.

90 minute session - $115
Suggested for deep relaxation, sleep disorders, injury or post surgery treatments and more complex issues or mental/emotional traumas.

No appointment to make- simply purchase the session through the website cart (on the home page) by 7:00pm CST on the day that you want the session to happen and then it will automatically be done that same night at bedtime.  Certainly contact me if you have any questions before, during or after your session.  


Continuing education certificate available upon request. It is up to the student to determine if Reiki Ceu's are applicable to your continuing education requirements.

There is no test for this class!  Attending and participating in the practice sessions is all that is required.

No previous medical background is necessary to learn Reiki and can easily be learned by adults and children. After a person is attuned into Reiki energy, whenever they place their hands on others or themselves with the intention of using Reiki, the energy naturally flows.   It is always immediately available and complements other healing methods while it aids the natural ability of the body to heal itself by replenishing its immune system.  Bodyworkers of all types and medical/mental health practitioners will find it a wonderful and natural addition to their practice.  

There is no minimum number of students that I need to run a class, so classes are not cancelled.  Maximum is usually 4 or 6 students per class.  There is no test to take in these classes- attending the entire time and participating is all that is required.

I learned and teach the Usui Reiki style:

Reiki I - history; principles; how to give Reiki for others, yourself & pets; Reiki I attunement (chakra opening); guided practice session to give and receive Reiki; ethics; written material; certificate, 4 to 4.5 hours (depends on how much discussion and Q&A is needed), $125.00.

Reiki II - three healing symbols, their meanings and uses; Reiki II attunement; a guided practice session to give and receive Reiki; a guided long distance practice session; written material; certificate, 4.5 hours, $125.00.

Levels I & II can be taken as a one day class,  (45-60 minutes lunch on your own- suggest you bring a lunch), $250.00. This is scheduled according to student interest.  Let me know if you would like this option. 

Level III, (Reiki Master) - four more healing symbols, one attunement symbol, 2 Level III attunements, guided practice sessions, manual, certificate, includes vegan organic lunch & snacks/beverages throughout the day, 8 to 9 hours (usually done in one day or this can be done in 2 sessions) $320.00.  

This level will allow you teach Reiki to others if you choose to, yet it is not required.  Many students take this level to expand their healing training and to finish the class series without the intention to teach.  Call with the preferred days/times you would like to schedule it.


If you don't see a class currently listed on the home page, contact me with your date and time preferences and a class can be arranged for you at my site.  Classes can be held at your location with enough students per class if you have massage tables there to use.

Class fees are non-refundable, yet you can attend a later class if a conflict arises for the one you signed up for.

Nancy Hyvarinen, Reiki Master   
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