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Stretch Massage 
or Yoga Massage

Stretch Massage is sometimes called Yoga Massage

Slow and gentle deep stretching, gentle firm compressions, acupressure and shiatsu are done to release deep tension, aches and pains while muscles are relaxed and lengthened. 

You wear stretchable comfortable clothing throughout 
the session while laying on a massage table. 
It is best if you wear long stretchable pants or leggings 
rather than shorts. Stretchable shirt can be short or long sleeved.

This session targets neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips and legs-
and includes warm towel foot massage and facial acupressure.
Sometimes the therapist is sitting on the table to do the leg work and some compressions on the back side of the body are done with the therapist kneeling gently yet firmly on your back, hips, legs- this is always adjusted to your comfort level.  

2 hour - $190  ($176 + $14)

Pay after the service
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