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Tissue Repair 
Theta Healing

Tissue Repair is for both muscular-skeletal repairs and 
organ/gland or tissue healing.  
It works on any type of body tissue problem as 
all tissue is able to be healed.

Tissue Repair Sessions are often done with the Theta Healing Technique overnight while you sleep;  it is best for your body to be resting during and immediately after the healing work; yet the sessions can also be done during the day. After the session it is recommended to restrict your activity so as not to stress the body part or tissue that was healed- don't overuse it.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day for several days after the healing session.  If you drink a moderate to high amount of caffeine beverages, you will either need to decrease your caffeine beverage use or significantly increase your water intake or both.  Caffeine is a diuretic and pulls water out of the body.  And caffeine is treated by the body as a toxin and needs a lot of water to flush it out.  So if you are a regular moderate to high caffeine user, you are likely to be dehydrated as a normal state.  Symptoms of dehydration can be headaches (slight acheyness or significant pounding), thirst, dark urine, dry feces or constipation, feeling sluggish or lethargic.  

When you have a large area to repair, or multiple muscles/tendons/ligaments, or extensive tissue damage - and more than one session is needed, you will want at least one rest day in between sessions- unless you are very acclimated to energy healing and then you could do two nights in a row.  You can space the sessions out longer than that if you wish.  If you have an extensive repair that is needed on an area that gets regular heavy use- like a knee or ankle, it is recommended that you plan the sessions to be closer together to complete the repair so that the area is not redamaged by everyday use over a prolonged amount of time.   If the sessions are done too far apart, the partial repair could eventually deteriorate.

All tissue can be repaired-
These are some examples of what can be done with a 
Tissue Repair Session:

Sore, Stiff, Tight or Torn Muscles- Lumps or 'Knots';
Tendon, Ligament Repair;
Cuts/Laceration/Incision healing;
Muscle & Nerve clearing (see description under Theta Healing tab)
Removed Organ/Gland Energetic Reconnect so the body can function as though the organ/tissue was never removed;
Body System Reset & Repair- for normal function of tissue, blood flow and nerve communication (Lymphatic, Endocrine, Immune, Digestive, Urinary, Nervous, Respiratory).  

When you would like to do these repairs, 
send Nancy a note by text, call or email at:
612-401-3999 ~
with a description of what you are wanting healed. I can then estimate how long it is likely to take- you decide if it is done in one or more sessions.

These more serious repairs need a phone Theta Healing session with Nancy first before the Tissue Repair session is done:

Joint Repair, Cartilage Repair or Replenishment;
Brain & Spinal Cord injury repair, 
Paralysis Reversal; 
Nerve regeneration- rebuilding nerves and nerve pathways; 
Phantom limb pain release (from amputations); 
Compressed or herniated disc repair; 
Cardiac System Healing, Heart or Blood Vessel Repair;
If you're not sure what needs a phone session first, contact Nancy for a short consultation by call or text
at 612-401-3999.

Tissue Repair Sessions are priced the same as Theta Healing Sessions:
1 hour - $125
2 hours - $250
3 hours - $375

Text, Call or Email Nancy when you are ready to do a session
with a description of what you are having healed.