Release the Blocks to Your Self and Your Path

Receive the healing that your Soul is longing for 
to experience more of who you really are

Theta Healing®
*How It Works

You choose the focus of the session whether it is a specific issue or a general category that you have many problems with - such as health/physical body & injury repair, mental/emotional, work/career, relationships/love, finances or look at the list farther down for more examples. 

We both sit in chairs.  You are awake/conscious and talking with me during the session (either in person or by phone)- this is not hypnosis.  I work with you along with your Guides/Angels during the session.

With Theta Healing the clearing occurs on all four levels: 
Core - from conception through now, 
Genetic - more recent family history, 
History - deep old genetic history, human collective consciousness, or possible past lives (if this is your belief) 
Soul - all that a person is.

Theta Healing removes your negative beliefs, programs, decisions, fears, resentments, grudges, rejections or regrets - whether conscious or unconscious - and the contracts, vows, curses, trauma, shame, blame and guilt attached to any of them along with any beliefs about karma.  We close them off so they are not repeated again; we receive the lessons and mark them complete and done so you do not carry them forward.  Along with many other things we also do gratitude, forgiveness (if you choose to) and self-forgiveness, and retrieval of any missing Soul fragments.  

Theta Healing is a type of meditation with energy healing that creates mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing for you through my focused connection with the Creator of All That Is.

With Theta Healing you can also receive feelings or emotions into your cell tissue that you are missing or have never experienced before- example: if you've never experienced joy, you are given the feeling of joy into your cells and DNA so that you can experience joy in all areas of your life.

Theta Healing works with other alternative healing and traditional medicine therapies.  

Sessions are done long distance or remote healing- you stay at your location and receive the session just as if you are in the same room with me.  We talk on the phone as I do the work with you (using earphones is best or if you need to use speakerphone). Yes, it works.  You sit in a chair - a chair that allows you to sit up and be awake.  

Energy healing is appropriate for teenagers/children and animals. For children (under 18) and animals, the session is done with the parent/owner and the healing transfers to the child or animal- they are energetically connected to the parent/owner to receive the healing.  It is not necessary for the child to "hear" the session for the healing to go to them, yet it is alright if you decide to have them present during the session if they are age appropriate.  Animals are always left at home if you are doing an in-office session or do the session by phone.  If the parent/owner has any aspects of the issue being healed in their soul's past, they will also receive the healing along with the child or animal.

Sessions are by Phone, 
payment is done after the session either over the phone or by emailed invoice:

45 minute session - $95
1 hour session - $125      
1.5 hour session - $185  

Note: Hosting a group healing is the most economical way to get sessions.

Group Sessions at your Site- small to large groups.  
In-person at a company site or a home, 
by conference call or in-person or a combination of both.  
Costs less than an individual session for each person.  
As a host, your session is free with a minimum of 5 paying participants- $75 per person per 2 hour session. 
Contact Nancy to schedule this. 

Contact Nancy for pricing and arrangements for large or very large groups or corporate groups with options for shorter session times.

Group Sessions by Phone- these are listed on the home page when there is one scheduled. This is done by conference call. You receive your healing session along with the healing of all others in the group session - you are always with the right group of people to receive the healing that you didn't know you needed. If you don't see one listed, contact me with your interested topic, day and time.

Energy Healing is unlimited-
Here are some examples to consider so you can expand your thinking about what can be done.  This is a partial list for examples and ideas - energy healing is unlimited in what it can be applied to:

Energy field clearing, grounding;
Chakra / Aura / Hara Line clearing and repair;
Chakra color and mineral replenishment (see description below);
Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Hearing Voices;
Clearing negative beliefs, programs, decisions or fears that can be contributing to or allowing disease or illness to be held in the body; DNA repair;
All Fears, fear of flying, fear of leaving the house, etc;
All Addictions and their triggers- substances or behaviors;
Clearing the past of old contracts that no longer serve you; 
Relationship healing; Removing energetic connections between you and old partners, houses you used to live in or places you've worked;
Clearing blocks to manifesting money or partners by clearing old limiting beliefs or vows of poverty and unconscious decisions;
Soul parts retrieval;
Weight Management (increase or decrease);
Muscle and Nerve clearing (see description below);
Head and Spinal Cord injury repair;
Phantom limb pain release; 
Removing trauma from the body; PTSD;
Removed organ/gland energetic reconnect;
Joint, cartilage, tendon, ligament, blood vessel, bone spur repair;
Compressed or herniated disc repair; 
Nerve regeneration- rebuilding nerves and nerve pathways; 
Resetting brain synapses; Resetting brain chemical imbalances;  
Insomnia, Migraines; ADD/ADHD; 
Body system reconnects and resets for normal function of tissue, blood flow and nerve communication (Lymphatic, Endocrine, Immune, Digestive, etc); 
Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis; Chronic Fatigue; Fibromyalgia;
Candida or yeast clearing;
Negative thought or energy patterns; Cancers;
Clearing spaces - houses, business buildings, multi-units.

Receiving energy healing helps symptoms such as:  feeling out of balance or stressed, lower energy levels, sleep disruptions, anxiety, unable to relax, mental/emotional distress, poor concentration, mood swings or character shifts feeling stuck or feeling like something just needs to shift.

We have seven chakras that disperse energy to our organs, glands and tissues.  The chakras are aligned in the center of our bodies from the crown of our head down to our tailbone.  The Hara line brings the energy into our body and all of the chakras.  There are aura layers that surround our body.  If there are blockages or damage to the Hara line, chakras or aura layers there can be disruption of energy flow and disruption of our body, organs and systems.

Other ways to help yourself: drink more water; decrease or eliminate caffeine and alcohol; get more undisturbed sleep at night, stretch often or do yoga; walk or exercise; eat more fresh vegetables and fruits; get bodywork done.

Chakra Color & Mineral Replacement

When your chakras are depleted it can make us feel depleted, feel as though life isn't working easily for us, be in struggle with creating and manifesting, have our intuition be blocked, feel disconnected from Spirit and the Earth, have difficulty being heard or speaking our truth, or just feeling as though you are not all the way in your body.  This replenishes and replaces new vibrant colors and minerals for full chakra power.

Muscle & Nerve Clearing
A clearing of the components that allow your muscles to work at their optimal level: the Lymph, Nervous system and Muscles.

To help you to feel more clear; to help reduce muscle and joint discomfort; allow better joint flexibility; and give you better muscle response.

*Clearing of the Lymph system (nodes, fluid, channels, ducts, lymph center, etc);
*Clearing of the Nervous system (petrol, pharmaceuticals/nutrients, artificial food coloring, preservatives, heavy metals, calcifications and mineralizations, waste product chemicals)
*Restoring of the Nerves (myelin sheath) and Nerve Junctions (neuro transmitters, nerve junctions, receptor sites)  
*Clearing of the communication between the Nerves and the Muscles
(muscles don't fire and move properly when the nerves aren't getting the communication through),
*Muscle stiffness clearing  (lactic acid build up, dead muscle cells, lymph congestion, calcifications, restricted contractions of muscle fibers, scars and adhesions, stagnating or congealed blood or blood cells, proper vascular flow to muscle fibers and tissues)

You will feel the difference it makes in your body functioning.  You will want to drink enough water to help your lymph system with the clearings.

According to Dr. Oz- 
"Energy medicine is the future of medicine."
“What are the 
7 Planes of Existence”?
(according to Theta Healing)

1st Plane: Mother Earth- the soil, minerals, crystals.

2nd Plane: trees, plants, nature.

3rd Plane:  humans and animals.

Between 3rd & 4th: Where souls are after leaving their body that have either refused to cross over to the other side or are unknowingly stuck in this space.

4th Plane: Level of the ancestor spirits, animal totems, and the powerful master shamans that are invoked for healing.

5th Plane: Level of Guardian Angels, Angels, Guides, and where many healers access their healing energy from (except not Theta Healing).

6th Plane: Level of the Laws- Law of Gravity, Law of Magnetism, Law of Time, Law of Light and Sound- all of the laws that create the fabric of the Universe.

*7th Plane
Level of the Creator of All That Is 
(God/Spirit/Great Spirit/Yaweh, etc)- level of the highest healing, co-creating and manifesting. 
The place of love, safety and of 
“It just is”.  This is the level that Theta Healing accesses.

*The 7th Plane is the one that is accessed for all Theta Healing sessions.  This is why Theta Healing is unlimited in what it can change and achieve.

“Nancy was recommended to me by a breast cancer survivor. I was given a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and my recovery has surprised even the doctors. They say the chemo is working beautifully and I have only one tiny spot of cancer left that will be radiated. I credit the Theta Healing with Nancy as giving me the focus and clarity to heal and hopefully go into a lasting remission. I wholeheartedly recommend Theta healing with Nancy Hyvarinen as an effective and complementary treatment course to use after a cancer diagnosis. This work is a guided path led by Nancy to sort out negative emotion and thought patterns related to illness and replace them with positive messages that serve to facilitate healing from disease. This process is a perfect complement to Western medicine, which deals with all things physical. This work done with Nancy is the necessary inner work. She is absolutely trustworthy, keen, intuitive and thorough in her work. I recommend her to others who may be in a state of fear or anxiety from a recent cancer diagnosis. 
Thank you,
Meg Bradley"

(The Theta Healing achieved the ability for her to receive her chemotherapy treatments without the extreme sickness afterward. There was a part of her that was rejecting the chemotherapy out of fear and we were able to remove that mental/emotional block for her)

Hypnosis & Regression Hypnosis

PLEASE NOTE: I now do Theta Healing instead of Hypnosis due to the easier, deeper and faster results that can be accomplished.
If your heart is set on doing Hypnosis- contact me and we'll schedule it.

Nancy is a Certified Master/Trainer Hypnotherapist.

HYPNOSIS works with your unconscious mind and your nervous system in a trance state to reconnect and communicate with all the parts of yourself to achieve inner balance. This allows you to tap into the mind and body to influence results in ways that would seem impossible in ordinary states of conscious awareness. You may have heard hypnosis be called guided imagery? because both styles work directly with the unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a simple yet powerful tool which allows you to bypass the logical and judgmental conscious mind and focus on the wants and needs? deep in your subconscious mind. Habits and beliefs are recorded at the unconscious level. Every problem has a root cause that helps to lead you to the solution(s). Hypnosis can produce excellent results in many unwanted behaviors and illnesses that are poorly managed by conventional medicine. Hypnosis complements all other healing modalities and won't interfere with any ongoing treatments already in progress. 

I have been afraid to try hypnosis because it seems like mind control. Is it safe? Clinical hypnosis with a qualified professional is gentle and respectful. In trance, you are in a very relaxed state yet you are aware of your surroundings at all times and are fully able to monitor your thoughts and control words spoken. Because of that, nothing occurs during the session without your knowing about it. The practitioner cannot control your mind in any way or give you suggestions to follow that are against your own personal or moral codes. Clinical hypnosis done for healing purposes is not the same as stage hypnosis done for entertainment. 

I have tried hypnosis but I feel it didn't work. Is there hope for me? Everyone can be hypnotized. We are all in and out of hypnotic trances many times throughout the day - watching TV, daydreaming, or while driving. Whatever concerns or fears you may have about it, we start where you are and progress you to where you want to be. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis because it is about following simple directions. 

I am afraid that I will remember something traumatic. Your unconscious mind protects you and knows what issues you are ready for. If you come across an unpleasant memory, you are guided out of it immediately and are helped to resolve it. 

**What is Regression Hypnosis? Regression is anything from right now going backwards. That could be sometime in this life, in the womb, or a possible past life. There is no requirement to believe in past lives to do regression hypnosis. It could also be a metaphorical past life. Sometimes our unconscious minds use fairy tale stories or to learn a lesson and get the solution to a problem.

How many sessions will it take? It can depend on the type of issue, how long the issue has been a problem for you and what your goals are. You decide how quickly to proceed and how often. Deep, chronic or traumatic issues may take several sessions to resolve.

Individual 2 hour session - $300.00

A basic Regression Hypnosis session is required with myself or another certified practitioner before doing a Life Between Lives Therapy Session
 which is exploring what occurs between the last life and this life to learn why you set up this life the way you did. A Life Between Lives Session is about 3 to 4 hours.
Theta Healing is a 
Registered Trademark
of the THINK Institute & the
Theta Healing 
Institute of Knowledge

"My experience with a healing for a long time sleep disorder was nothing short of miraculous. I am experiencing great sleep without medication today and have failed to accomplish this through other extensive efforts to include the Fairview sleep clinic."

Dave N.

Theta Healing - How It Works

The unconscious mind holds memories and emotions including past traumas whether from a personal origin or genetically inherited. It also holds our beliefs- the ones we have been taught and the ones we create ourselves, most of which are positive. Yet it also holds the beliefs that are not the truth created from incorrect assumptions, illogical thinking or coping mechanisms, and are what we would label as negative beliefs.  

The conscious mind often acts as a barrier that prevents us from changing these negative beliefs or thought patterns in our subconscious mind. 
There are two barriers that are typical to changing problems- 
one is not knowing that you have a negative belief or trauma in your personal or ancestral background causing the problem and 
two, the conscious mind with ego influences and incorrect assumptions can keep one from seeing the problem as it truly is.  
This makes it very difficult for people to change their emotional states, attitudes and behaviors when being spun off of negative beliefs and traumas.  

In addition to holding memories, emotions and traumas, the unconscious mind is also in charge of the body and its systems - thats why we don’t have to think about making our heart beat or each breath- the unconscious mind takes care of these for us. The unconscious mind is the connection that allows many of our negative emotions, beliefs and traumas to be transferred and held in the physical body. This is how we pass on negative emotions, beliefs and traumas on through cell tissue or DNA. We inherit the positive attributes of our ancestors along with some negative issues that we usually don’t know or realize the source of.

When you have a person who has had a negative experience with someone from another clan/tribe/race and they choose to react with anger and they declare to themselves or others “I’ll get you back for that” it starts out as a negative decision or belief. When something like this is done with deep emotion or conviction it can become a vow, they may even verbalize it as a vow.  
When it gets repeated over and over again in their mind or spoken verbally repeatedly it can become a contract - energetic vows and contracts that bind to their body, energy field and Soul.  
This is how old revenge contracts get passed forward to current generations who seek out conflict as a way of life without knowing why- they just have this deep emotion that is inside of them that needs to act out. And when you get people to actually check in with themselves they usually will admit that this is not the way that they want to feel or be or live. They just don’t know how to change what they are feeling and doing. They are just living by reaction.  

We also acquire negative beliefs from the groups and societies we live in along with collective consciousness. Negative group consciousness can pile on more negative emotion and beliefs onto an already negative problem. All negative beliefs and traumas from all of these sources can be removed.  

When I am removing trauma and negative beliefs, I am using a technique called Theta Healing®. Theta Healing clears and transforms negative beliefs and trauma on all levels including cellular through the theta brainwave. The person or group gives their permission and allows me to pull out the old beliefs and trauma. This happens on four levels: core (this life), genetic (ancestry), history (old personal history) and Soul (Soul level).  

The theta brainwave is what is achieved through meditation. Before Theta Healing, many believed that it took 20 to 30 years of regular meditative practice to achieve a theta brainwave. Yet Theta Healing practitioners can enter a theta brainwave state in seconds. Theta Healing creates a direct connection with the energy source of our Souls origin (some call this Great Spirit, Creator, Yaweh, God, Allah). Because of this connection, the ability to work with the subconscious mind occurs and practitioners are able to manifest with the client dramatic mental, emotional, physical and spiritual changes, promoting healing at the Soul level. This is simply providing a way for the mind, heart, body and Soul to heal itself when the barriers of old traumas or negative beliefs are removed.

Theta Healing is not associated with any religion or religious dogma of any kind. Theta Healing works with our Soul and so it is spiritual in nature, not religious. It is not necessary to have a belief IN “a God” for this healing to work. Yet it is helpful to be open to the concept that a Source of the Universe or Creator of All That Is exists. The practitioner works with the belief system that the client has. Through your own experience with this method you will determine what is true for you. Each and every healing that is done during the session is done only when there is permission given by the client first. Theta Healing is always able to be used along with conventional medicine methods.  

The founder of Theta Healing is Vianna Stibal. In 1995 she was diagnosed with a bone cancer that was quickly destroying her right femur. She was a holistic practitioner as a naturopath and massage therapist. She used conventional and alternative medicine therapies without success. She then began daily meditations to heal herself. During one of her meditations she asked for and received a healing from our Source/Creator/God. She was encouraged to practice and then go out and teach the technique she had learned to the world.  

During that practice time and curious to know more about what had happened or how it happened, Vianna sought the help of a physicist and discovered through an electroencephalograph that the technique she used to heal herself tapped into theta brainwaves and this was scientifically measurable.

Through Theta Healing, the DNA in the master cell of the pineal gland is activated and beliefs can be changed. It is in this theta brainwave state that negative beliefs are removed or changed and positive beliefs can be brought in or downloaded into the person. For example it is possible to remove a negative belief such as “I am unlovable” and download in its place “I am lovable” or “I am cherished”.

​Energy cleansing for residential homes or commercial buildings.  

Clears stuck, stagnant energy; 
Clears negative emotions or old emotional imprints; 
Clears unconscious energetic attachments from the owners (and all family members) to the property which can interfere with a property selling;
Clears ghosts that are stuck there or hanging around; 
I add protection around the property in multiple ways to stop negative energy from coming in to it.

Clearings include the yard (out to the lot line), the air space out to the lot line, the garage and old wells along with doing a sage clearing if an in-person session.

In Person Session at your location:
$250 is for the first 1.5 hours of the space clearing and for my travel time within a reasonable distance (up to 30 minutes or so each way). Most houses and small to medium buildings fall under this time frame.
Each additional 30 minutes past the initial 1.5 hours, $50. 
Longer driving distances add on $30 each additional 30 minutes roundtrip.

Call Nancy at 612- 401- 3999 to arrange an in-person home or building clearing- you won't find this option in the online appointment booking system.

Clearing over the phone - 
Schedule a 1.5 hour Theta Healing session , $140  
This is booked via the online appointment booking system as a 1.5 hour Theta Healing session (even if its your first appointment with me) and add a note that it is for a space clearing.

Cash in-person, or Visa, Mastercard for in-person or phone.


I have done many property / house clearings with remarkable results. Here are a few examples:

*I did a reading for a home that had been on the market for 2 1/2 years and found it had ghosts hanging around- then did a clearing which allowed the house to sell within a month.

*I did a reading for a real estate agent who had an offer on a house that the owner didn't want to take- and found out that the contract needed to be re-worded to make it 'sound' right to the owner who was an accountant. The agent got the deal approved the next day.

*Did a reading for a real estate agent for a property that wasn't selling and found that the owner had a lot of unconscious energetic attachments to the house, loving memories because her kids grew up there, etc- I cleared the attachments and the whole house space and it sold within 2 weeks.

*An owner who lost his wife and grieved in the house and yard left behind energetic imprints of that sadness- especially around the front steps and the garden. People were feeling that imprint when walking through the house, it had been for sale for two years and they couldn't even get anyone to show up to the open houses anymore. After clearing it, it got walk through activity within days and sold in 3 weeks.

*Did a clearing of a cafe and juice bar- the next day and each day after they had record sales. At the end of that week they experienced their first ever $6,000 week since having been opened 2 1/2 years before.  

*Cleared a home of three ghosts, stuck energy and a pain imprint off of the staircase where a child had fallen from the early 1900's. It sold in five days after being on the market for almost two years.