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~ Welcome ~

In The Present Moment:

~ It's that Detox time of year again ~

* 9 new added protocols to the program;

* special pricing;

* a 2 payments option

~ Sign up & start any day of the week ~


Toss the Flu Fears ~ & Get Immune Support

with these 3 options:

Releasing Flu & Cold Viruses & Bacteria

(and the Fears)

Downloadable Audio

38 minutes ~ FREE

More Information in Audios Tab

Click Cart Tab to "Purchase" And Use Code: FREE

(No Credit Card Needed)

Immediate Download


Immune & Lymphatic System Balancing

Downloadable Audio

42 minutes ~ $25

More Information in Audios Tab

Click Cart Tab to Purchase - Immediate Download


Healing Your Birth

Downloadable Audio

60 minutes ~ $29

Supports Immune Balancing

More Information in the Audios Tab

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Immediate Download


See More Audio Session Options

in the Audios Tab Above

Healing Sessions (by Phone or In-Person)

and Massage/Injury Repair Sessions

with Special Pricing -

click the tabs above for more information

Currently it is best to make appointments by:

Text (the fastest way):   612-401-3999 

or by phone (next fastest way): 612-401-3999


Note: I do not wear a mask during

in-person sessions;  

and you are not required to wear a mask,

it is your choice.

It is recommended to wear a mask to travel through the building and elevators- you may remove it once in my reception room.

I am healthy and symptom free.

If you have flu symptoms, please schedule your healing sessions for phone instead. 


Peace Candles

(see pictures below)

You do not have to come in for a service in order to purchase the candles-

contact Nancy by text, phone or email-


Pick them up or I can meet you somewhere -

cases can be delivered.

The Peace Candle is an eco-friendly

non-toxic candle that is a year round everyday use item for one’s own home,

office or a special gift. 

The candle container displays 9 words around it of high vibration that resonate positive energy: 

Peace, Compassion, Cooperation, Tolerance, Listen,

Believe, Love, Forgive, Unity-

words are printed in either

Rose or Silver colors.  

Add your positive intentions while the candle is lit to send peaceful intentions and high vibrational energy to the people and environment around you and

around the world.  

This 10 ounce candle is made of

unscented soy wax-

(perfect for the dining table- it won't clash with food aromas)

Customize it with your own

essential oil choice. 
Natural wax color (no synthetic dyes), 
a cotton wick and a burn time of approximately 70 hours,
is in a 3” x 4” refillable glass, and

in a gift box ready to wrap.

Purchase 1 candle of either color

(Rose or Silver words) - $15

Purchase 1 Rose & 1 Silver Candle Duo

for $20 ($10 each candle)

Purchase an unlimited number of candles at $10 each OR


Purchase by the case -

half & half colors (14 per case) $112 ($8 each) or

all one color (15 per case) $120 ($8 each)

Trim wicks to 1.4" before each lighting,
never leave candles unattended.


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