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Spiritual Acceleration / Theta Healing®

Individual Sessions

Group Sessions

Spiritual Acceleration & Injury Repair Bodywork Combo

According to Dr. Oz- 

"Energy medicine is the future of medicine."

Theta Healing is a similar healing technique to Spiritual Acceleration (SA) because they both access the Theta brain wave.  With the SA there is no muscle testing- so the work goes at a much faster pace and we get more done in a session.

The Spiritual Acceleration builds on what Theta Healing was able to do with many more new advancements - so I combine them to provide a deeper, faster healing.

I also incorporate many techniques from Quantum Healing and Reiki therapies in my healing sessions.

Individual Sessions

You choose the focus of the session whether it is a specific issue or a general category that you have many problems with - such as health/medical illness, physical body & injury repair, mental/emotional, work/career, relationships/love, finances or look at the list farther down for more examples. 

We both sit in chairs.  You are awake, conscious and talking with me during the session (either in person or by phone)- this is not hypnosis.  I work with you and your Higher Self during the session to release the negative beliefs, patterns and traumas held in your unconscious mind.

The clearing occurs on all levels of your Soul-

mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing-

whether it's this lifetime, past lifetimes (if this is your belief),

inherited through birth family genetics or adopted family associations,

or acquired through collective consciousness.

This is a much faster and deeper method than Past Life Regression Hypnosis

SA removes your negative beliefs, programs, decisions, fears, resentments, grudges, rejections or regrets - whether conscious or unconscious - and the contracts, vows, trauma, shame, blame and guilt attached to any of them along with  negative karma and curses.  We retrieve the lessons and mark them complete so you do not carry them forward.  Along with many other things we also do retrieval of Soul fragments.  There is an expanded list below of what can be done.

This healing method works with other alternative healing and traditional medicine therapies.  

Sessions can be done by phone- you stay at your location and receive the session just as if you are in the same room with me.  We talk on the phone as I do the work with you (using earphones is best or if you need to, use speakerphone).  You sit in any chair that allows you to stay awake.  

Yes, it works.

Energy healing is appropriate for teenagers/children and animals.  For children (under 18) and animals, the session is done with the parent/owner either by phone or in-person (the child or animal are not present for the session) and the healing transfers to the child or animal wherever they are, as they are energetically connected to the parent/owner to receive the healing.  If the parent/owner has any aspects of the issue being healed in their soul's past, they will also receive the healing along with the child or animal.


SA Sessions are In-Person or by Phone

They are recorded and sent to you by email

1 hour Session (1 Adult/Child/Animal) - $125

1.5 hour Session (1 Adult/Child/Animal) - $185

2 hour Session (1 Adult/Child/Animal) - $250

For 2 People:

1.5 hour Session (2 Adults/Children/Animals/Combination) - $199

Payment is done after the session:

Phone sessions an invoice is sent by email that you pay by credit card;

In-Person sessions may be paid by cash, check (personal or business), credit cards.  


“Nancy was recommended to me by a breast cancer survivor. I was given a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and my recovery has surprised even the doctors. They say the chemo is working beautifully and I have only one tiny spot of cancer left that will be radiated. I credit the healing sessions with Nancy as giving me the focus and clarity to heal and hopefully go into a lasting remission. I wholeheartedly recommend a healing session with Nancy Hyvarinen as an effective and complementary treatment course to use after a cancer diagnosis. This work is a guided path led by Nancy to sort out negative emotion and thought patterns related to illness and replace them with positive messages that serve to facilitate healing from disease. This process is a perfect complement to Western medicine, which deals with all things physical. This work done with Nancy is the necessary inner work. She is absolutely trustworthy, keen, intuitive and thorough in her work. I recommend her to others who may be in a state of fear or anxiety from a recent cancer diagnosis. 

Thank you,

Meg Bradley"


(The healing achieved the ability for her to receive her chemotherapy treatments without the extreme sickness afterward. There was a part of her that was rejecting the chemotherapy out of fear and we were able to remove that mental/emotional block for her)


Group Sessions at your Home


Small to very large groups. 

In-person, by conference call, or a combination of both.  

As a host, your session is free with a minimum of 5 paying participants for an in-person session that is $79 per person for a 2 hour session (that's a savings of $161 per person for an individual

2 hour session).  The host or the group together can choose the topic or the theme of the session.  Participants sign up and pre-pay via the cart system so the host does not need to deal with payments.  You can have participants listen via speakerphone too if they are unable to be there or the entire group attend by conference call.


If fewer than 5 sign up, the group session is done with Nancy via phone- some or all of the group can still gather at your site or join by phone/conference call.  There is a minimum of 3 paying participants required by phone.

Contact Nancy for pricing and arrangements for very large groups

Corporate Sessions - Pricing is dependent on the group size. 

There are options for customized length sessions by phone or in person.

Contact Nancy for this option at 612-401-3999.


Group Sessions by Conference Call- these are conference call sessions that are arranged by Nancy and have a pre-set theme or topic that anyone is able to sign up for.  These are listed on the home page and an email notice will be sent when there is one scheduled.  I welcome suggestions for topics of group sessions- submit those by the contact form under the home tab.

Energy Healing is unlimited-

Here are some examples to consider so you can expand your thinking about what can be done.  This is a partial list for examples and ideas - energy healing is unlimited in what it can be applied to:

Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Issues- relationships, career/job, finances, any everyday issue that makes you feel stuck;

Energy field clearing, grounding;

Chakra / Aura / Hara Line clearing and repair;

Chakra color and mineral replenishment (see description below);

Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Hearing Voices;

Mental Illness symptoms;

Clearing negative beliefs, programs, decisions or fears that can be contributing to or allowing physical disease or illness to be held in the body; DNA repair;

All Fears, fear of flying, fear of leaving the house, etc;

All Addictions and their triggers- substances or behaviors;

Clearing the past of old contracts that no longer serve you; 

Relationship healing; Removing energetic connections between you and old partners, houses you used to live in or places you've worked;

Clearing blocks to manifesting money or partners by clearing old limiting beliefs or vows of poverty and unconscious decisions;

Soul parts retrieval;

Detoxing; Weight Management (increase or decrease);

Muscle and Nerve clearing (see description below);

Head and Spinal Cord Injury Repair; Paralysis Reversal;

Phantom limb pain release; 

Removing trauma/torture from the body;

Releasing war trauma for military personnel;

PTSD (mental/emotional/spiritual/physical);

Removed organ/gland energetic reconnect;

Joint, cartilage, tendon, ligament, blood vessel, bone spur repair;

Compressed or herniated disc repair; 

Nerve regeneration- rebuilding nerves and nerve pathways; 

Resetting brain synapses; Resetting brain chemical imbalances;  

Insomnia, Migraines; ADD/ADHD; 

Body system reconnects and resets for normal function of tissue, blood flow and nerve communication (Lymphatic, Endocrine, Immune, Digestive, etc); 

Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis; Chronic Fatigue; Fibromyalgia;

Candida or yeast clearing;

Negative thought or energy patterns; Cancers.


Receiving energy healing helps symptoms such as:  feeling out of balance or stressed, lower energy levels, sleep disruptions, anxiety, unable to relax, mental/emotional distress, poor concentration, mood swings or character shifts feeling stuck or feeling like something just needs to shift.

We have seven chakras that disperse energy to our organs, glands and tissues.  The chakras are aligned in the center of our bodies from the crown of our head down to our tailbone.  The Hara line brings the energy into our body and all of the chakras.  There are aura layers that surround our body.  If there are blockages or damage to the Hara line, chakras or aura layers there can be disruption of energy flow and disruption of our body, organs and systems.


Other ways to help yourself: drink more water; decrease or eliminate caffeine and alcohol; get more undisturbed sleep at night, stretch often and do yoga; walk or exercise; eat more fresh vegetables and fruits; get bodywork done.



Chakra Color & Mineral Replacement


When your chakras are depleted it can make us feel depleted, feel as though life isn't working easily for us, be in struggle with creating and manifesting, have our intuition be blocked, feel disconnected from Spirit and the Earth, have difficulty being heard or speaking our truth, or just feeling as though you are not all the way in your body.  This replenishes and replaces new vibrant colors and minerals for full chakra power.



Muscle & Nerve Clearing

A clearing of the components that allow your muscles to work at their optimal level: the Lymph, Nervous system and Muscles.


To help you to feel more clear; to help reduce muscle and joint discomfort; allow better joint flexibility; and give you better muscle response.



*Clearing of the Lymph system (nodes, fluid, channels, ducts, lymph center, etc);

*Clearing of the Nervous system (petrol, pharmaceuticals/nutrients, artificial food coloring, preservatives, heavy metals, calcifications and mineralizations, waste product chemicals)

*Restoring of the Nerves (myelin sheath) and Nerve Junctions (neuro transmitters, nerve junctions, receptor sites)  

*Clearing of the communication between the Nerves and the Muscles

(muscles don't fire and move properly when the nerves aren't getting the communication through),

*Muscle stiffness clearing  (lactic acid build up, dead muscle cells, lymph congestion, calcifications, restricted contractions of muscle fibers, scars and adhesions, stagnating or congealed blood or blood cells, proper vascular flow to muscle fibers and tissues)


You will feel the difference it makes in your body functioning.  You will want to drink enough water to help your lymph system with the clearings.

Spiritual Acceleration & Injury Repair Bodywork

Have an old injury, body discomfort/pain or deep muscle tension?

Spiritual Acceleration (energy healing) is combined with gentle Injury Repair (physical technique) to release trauma from your body along with the negative unconscious beliefs/decisions that were created by the trauma.  Example: at age 5 you fall off your bike and hurt your knees and wrists which your child unconscious mind may decide ‘bike riding isn’t safe anymore’ and now as an adult there is a part of you that desires to bike ride and yet you just don’t seem to get it done as much as you would like to or not at all.  That negative decision is impacting your conscious mind choices without knowing it.  And the old knee and wrist injuries are now causing you discomfort or limitations when you want to do yoga or when weight lifting there is a glitch in a muscle that keeps you from doing heavier weight or you can’t lift a heavy pan in the kitchen because your wrists give out.  


The Spiritual Acceleration (SA) will remove the negative decisions and beliefs while the physical Injury Repair (IR) is done at the same time - two sessions in one, that will release these old problems.


This applies to all types of physical problems of all causes (falls, auto accidents, surgeries)


Physical problems with unknown causes will also be helped with this- you don’t have to know the origin for it to go away.  


Add 30 minutes of SA on to any bodywork session for $59-

book the bodywork appointment and

tell Nancy about the SA add on at the time of the appointment

If you are not able to do an in-person bodywork session,

an SA phone session for trauma removal can be done.

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