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Let me know if there is a time you would like that doesn't show in the booking system -

appointment options can change each day and there may be

an appointment available and the online booking system doesn't show it 



Schedule is posted one week out at a time

If there are no openings showing - contact Nancy

as the new openings may not have been posted yet

Use the Online Booking System:



 contact me for an appointment by:

Text (the fastest way):   612-401-3999 

or by phone (next fastest way): 612-401-3999

or Email (slowest):

You will receive a confirmation email of your appointment with:

the conference call phone number and code for phone appointments


the address for in-office appointments

Office Location:  


4380 Brookside Court

SW Minneapolis

Hwy 100 & Excelsior Blvd exit



Payments made at the time of service with:


Checks (personal or business checks payable to Rose Light Healing)

or Credit Card


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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