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sitting still, gentle walking or lying down and able to stay awake - NOT ever while driving.

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Note: These are not a journaling, coaching or counseling sessions-

they are deep energy healing at your Soul level using Spiritual Acceleration.  


Spiritual Acceleration (SA) is deep energy healing that removes negative beliefs, programs, patterns and old paradigms back to its origin through all levels of your Soul, body and mind.  The clearing occurs on all levels whether it's this lifetime, past lifetimes, inherited through ancestors by birth or adopted family, or

acquired through collective consciousness. 

SA removes everything back to its origin- anything whether conscious or unconscious: your negative beliefs, programs, decisions, fears, resentments, grudges, rejections, regrets and the trauma, contracts, vows, pain, suffering, curses, karma, shame, blame and guilt attached to any of them.  We retrieve the wisdom and the lessons.  Along with many other things we also do retrieval of Soul fragments and removal of energy that is not yours.

I work with your conscious, unconscious, Higher Self and Super Consciousness during the session to release the problems or blockages.  


Nancy Hyvarinen is a Spiritual Acceleration Advanced Practitioner with 25 years of alternative healing and 20 years western medicine experience.  She draws on her vast experience as a Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Quantum Healing Advanced Practitioner and Theta Healing Advanced Practitioner for each session.


Releasing Flu & Cold Viruses & Bacteria

30 minutes, $22 ~ Special Pricing $0

An Audio Session for:

Releasing Flu & Cold Viruses & Bacterias along with a long list of the fears, patterns, traumas and negative beliefs associated with them.  This is done for your own experiences and history and also for anything that you are carrying of your ancestors through your family lineages.  This is for the usual seasonal flu & cold experiences along with the epidemic, pandemic, plague and biological warfare history that you and your family are connected to- you don’t need to know your family history of any of this for it to work as your Soul and energy imprint hold that information.   

*It is recommended to also listen to the Immune & Lymphatic System Balance Audio as there are additional traumas, fears, patterns and negative belief systems that are specific to those systems that will be helpful to protect against and heal from flu and colds.


Immune & Lymphatic System Balance

42 minutes, $25 ~ Special Pricing $11

This Audio includes: 

**Releasing an extensive list of the traumas, negative beliefs, fears and blockages that prevent proper blood flow, nerve connection and communication, optimal function and balance of the Immune & Lymphatic System that are from you or inherited from ancestors through your family lineages.  

**Reconnecting the energy of previously removed tissue.  All tissue is connected to the energy field of the body and when any tissue gets removed (in this or past lives), the energy field can get disrupted and negatively affect the body - this is for your body and the tissue removal traumas you are holding of ancestors.

**Positive energy to all of the system tissues for balance;

**and more.

The Immune & Lymphatic System includes the Red Bone Marrow, Thymus, Spleen, Lymph Nodes/Nodules/Ducts/Channels/Fluid, Tonsils, Peyer’s Patches (in the Small Intestine), Appendix, and the accessory organs of the Lungs, Skin and Liver.  

*The Healing Your Birth Audio has an umbilical cord technique that is beneficial for Immune System Balance.


Healing Your Birth 

60 minutes, $29 ~ Special Pricing $10


A deep healing for issues that are likely affecting you in your relationships and life situations.

This also helps with Immune System support with the umbilical cord technique.


With this audio you will be Releasing and Healing:


*negative issues around your conception- you may not consciously know the circumstances around your conception, yet your Higher Self or your Soul does - includes healing negative experiences of conception of your ancestors inherited through DNA or your past lifetime conceptions- such as: arguing, anger, resentments, alcohol/addictions, violence/rape;

*separation trauma from Creator or your Source;

*negative programming of your parents that you took on while in the womb;

*the traumas of your mothers morning sickness and other negative reactions to your pregnancy;

*traumas of initially being unwanted, thoughts of ending the pregnancy;

*effects of illnesses during your womb time and the medications taken;

*other traumas like: falls and auto accidents, being punched or kicked;

*trauma of having the vibration of the wrong gender being pushed onto you;

*receive the Baby in the Womb healing;

*traumas of the birthing experience (contractions, claustrophobia, forceps, noise);

*traumas of the after birth experience (lack of connection to parents/incubator, father not present, eye trauma from bright lights, being the ‘wrong’ gender, umbilical cord cut to soon);

*experiences and fears of abandonment, separation anxieties, confusions of ‘yes’ and ‘no’.


Healing Love Relationships

68 minutes - $29 ~ Special Pricing $10


For women and men, singles, partners and married couples, that will include: 


*Disconnecting the energy connections between you and old partners from the past through all lifetimes (these could be interfering with your relationships); 

*Deleting old contracts and vows to partners from past lifetimes that could be preventing you from finding a partner in this lifetime;

*Soul retrieval of your energy pieces from past partners and a releasing of their energy from you (you exchange Soul pieces in love relationships);

*Healing past relationship traumas like lost loves, broken hearts, arguing/fighting, verbal/physical abuse, date rape;

*Releasing hurt/pain from being told you’re not the one; distrust from affairs;

*Releasing negative beliefs/old programming from partner relationships;

*Releasing negativity from current love relationships;

Release the past to allow a new beginning


Holy Vine Ceremony

for finding or deepening your path

45 minutes, $25 ~ Special Pricing $10


This is an activation process for aligning more fully into your purpose and path using Mother Mary and Christ energy.  This for your own self realization, your purpose or your mission.  This breaks down any current density and allows

you to receive a new pathway or open more fully to one that your Soul has already initiated.  You will birth another level of your sacred nature to bring you to where you need to be at this time evolving more fully into the

5th dimensional energies of oneness consciousness and connection.  

This activation process was given by the Pleiadians (Spirit Beings of Light)


For this ceremony, you are either sitting in a chair or lying down.  I am doing hand positions and movements while toning sacred words from the Pleiadians.  This process creates a new pathway and portal at your

crown chakra for the Mother Mary and Christ energies to come through to you. 

You may choose to journal after the ceremony- it is not required. 


Message from the Pleiadians:

Beloved Ones We greet You,


You have answered the call.  We witness you as you step forward at this time to realign to the sacred realm of the Self.  These initiations are designed to align you to your reconnection of Self.  Your planet has evolved with new energies which enables you to enter a new higher reunion with your Self.


Through the transformed energies of self-resurrection and receivership you will be empowered to fully open to the Blessings that are being bestowed to you.  Through this evolution you will meet a destiny point of reconnection to your unique frequency of your own family of Origin.


Mother Mary and the Christ energy play a unique and profound role within you.  These initiations hold a sacred platform for your transformation.


Blessings, The Pleiadians


Releasing Depression

Coming Early April

Endocrine System Balancing

Coming Early April


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