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Journey Into 2020,

Holy Vine Ceremony with Mother Mary & Jesus

34 Minutes, $20

This is an activation process for aligning more fully into your purpose and path using Mother Mary and Christ energy.  This for your own self realization, your purpose or your mission.  This breaks down any current density and allows you to receive a new pathway or open more fully to one that your Soul has already initiated.  You will birth another level of your sacred nature to bring you to where you need to be at this time evolving more fully into the 4th dimensional energies of oneness consciousness and connection.  This activation process was given by the Pleiadians.  Mother Mary and Jesus are both Pleiadians and that is why they are all working together to bring this divine process to us.


For this ceremony, you are either sitting in a chair or lying down - either one is just as effective, yet most people sit in a chair.  I am doing hand positions and movements while toning sacred words from the Pleiadians.  This process creates a new pathway and portal at your crown chakra for the Mother Mary and Christ energies to come through to you.  It is up to you if you choose to journal after the ceremony- it is not required.  


Message from the Pleiadians:

Beloved Ones We greet You,


You have answered the call.  We witness you as you step forward at this time to realign to the sacred realm of the Self.  These initiations are designed to align you to your reconnection of Self.  Your planet has evolved with new energies which enables you to enter a new higher reunion with your Self.


Through the transformed energies of self-resurrection and receivership you will be empowered to fully open to the Blessings that are being bestowed to you.  Through this evolution you will meet a destiny point of reconnection to your unique frequency of your own family of Origin.


Mother Mary and the Christ energy play a unique and profound role within you.  These initiations hold a sacred platform for your transformation.


Blessings, The Pleiadians


Healing Your Birth 

60 minutes, $20

A deep healing for issues that may be affecting you in your relationships and life situations.


With this audio you will be Releasing and Healing:


*negative issues around your conception- you may not consciously know the circumstances around your conception, yet your Higher Self or your Soul does - includes healing negative experiences of conception of your ancestors inherited through DNA or your past lifetime conceptions- such as: arguing, anger, resentments, alcohol/addictions, violence/rape;


*separation trauma from Creator or your Source;


*negative programming of your parents that you took on while in the womb;


*the traumas of your mothers morning sickness and other negative reactions to your pregnancy;


*traumas of initially being unwanted, thoughts of ending the pregnancy;


*effects of illnesses during your womb time and the medications taken;


*other traumas like: falls and auto accidents, being punched or kicked;


*trauma of having the vibration of the wrong gender being pushed onto you;


*receive the Baby in the Womb healing;


*traumas of the birthing experience (contractions, claustrophobia, forceps, noise);


*traumas of the after birth experience (lack of connection to parents/incubator, father not present, eye trauma from bright lights, being the ‘wrong’ gender, umbilical cord cut to soon);


*experiences and fears of abandonment, separation anxieties, confusions of ‘yes’ and ‘no’.


Each time you listen to this healing audio you will release

more layers of buried issues.

This healing audio is to be listened to while sitting still - NOT while driving.

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