Spiritual Acceleration Theta Healing Packages Now Available

Use in 1 hour or

1.5 hour increments;

Package hours can be shared/purchased with others or gifted;

Healing sessions can be done for others who are not present

and you receive the healing, too;

Sessions are recorded for review as an option

3 hour pkg - $345

($115 ea)

5 hour pkg - $525

($105 each)

10 hour pkg - $950 ($95 each)


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FREE Healing Session Audio

Healing Self Worth:

Releasing Judgements & Self Judgements,

Releasing Comparisons,

Healing Verbal Attacks & Wounds,

Speaking Your Truth, being heard/believed,

Healing Self Acceptance & Lack of Validation,

Releasing Prosperity Lack and Victim Consciousness

45 minute Audio

Press the play button below,

There is a 43 second delay before you will hear talking, the healing session starts at 2 minutes

Listen while either sitting or laying down

in a comfortable position so you can relax your body

Healing Your Birth 

Downloadable Audio

A deep healing for issues that may be affecting you in your relationships and life situations.


With this audio you will be Releasing and Healing:


*negative issues around your conception- you may not consciously know the circumstances around your conception, yet your Higher Self or your Soul does - includes healing negative experiences of conception of your ancestors inherited through DNA or your past lifetime conceptions- such as: arguing, anger, resentments, alcohol/addictions, violence/rape;


*separation trauma from Creator or your Source;


*negative programming of your parents that you took on while in the womb;


*the traumas of your mothers morning sickness and other negative reactions to your pregnancy;


*traumas of initially being unwanted, thoughts of ending the pregnancy;


*effects of illnesses during your womb time and the medications taken;


*other traumas like: falls and auto accidents, being punched or kicked;


*trauma of having the vibration of the wrong gender being pushed onto you;


*receive the Baby in the Womb healing;


*traumas of the birthing experience (contractions, claustrophobia, forceps, noise);


*traumas of the after birth experience (lack of connection to parents/incubator, father not present, eye trauma from bright lights, being the ‘wrong’ gender, umbilical cord cut to soon);


*experiences and fears of abandonment, separation anxieties, confusions of ‘yes’ and ‘no’.


Each time you listen to this healing audio you will release

more layers of buried issues.

This healing audio is to be listened to while sitting still - NOT while driving.

Purchase this 1 hour MP3 audio in the Cart and then download it

to your computer or other listening device to listen to at your convenience.  

RePlayable Downloadable Audio $59 - On Sale Now for $29


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