Detox Program

40 Days

Did you know that energy healing can provide your body and energy field with a detoxification?

How it works- This energy healing detox is done long distance (meaning not in-person) 

mostly over night while you sleep and also during the day while you go about your normal activities.  

This is done with a combination of Spiritual Acceleration and Theta Healing- there are no special foods or menus, beverages or shakes, herbal supplements associated with or required to do with this detox program. 

No audios to listen to, no added tasks to your day, no added time commitments.  


Detoxing can be beneficial to do when feeling sluggish, bloated or congested or to do with the change of seasons,

the New Year, at the time of the Equinoxes (March, September) and Solstices- (June, December). 

****It is recommended to consult with your doctor before any detoxification program 

to evaluate whether it is right for you to do.

With the 40 day Detox Program, here is what you will receive for your body and energy field

(not necessarily in this order):


*Clearing and Repair of your Aura (and removing stuck/negative energy);

*Lymphatic system cleanse and reset- this is done 5 times, (every week);

*Restore and Reset of cell receptors for nutrients needed for normal function of your body, such as: oxygen, water, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, etc;

*Release traumas from past life or genetic inherited severe dehydration or starvation/famine;

*Release blockages from past lives or inherited from genetics to eating fruits and vegetables;

*Large Colon cleanse;

*Small Intestine (small colon) cleanse; 

*Lung cleanse (to remove phlegm and debris);

*Remove harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, yeast/candida;

*Release traumas from past life or genetic inherited disease epidemics;

*Remove harmful levels of heavy metals;

*Remove radiation/EMF's;

*Clearing and Restore of the 7 main Chakras (includes replenishing of colors and minerals);

*Clearing and Restore of your Hara Line (this is what connects the chakras);

*Muscle cleanse;

*Nerve cleanse and reset;

*Brain Chemicals balance and reset;

*Liver and Digestive system cleanse and reset;

*Immune system cleanse and reset;

*Endocrine system cleanse and reset.


What you need to do- 

drink plenty of water each day to give your body the ability to flush toxins 

out easily- AT LEAST 8-10  8 oz glasses recommended.  And that’s it.

You do not have to change your diet if you are not inclined to do so- 

yet it is recommended that your diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Given your goal is to cleanse your body of toxins it would also be appropriate to decrease or eliminate deep fried foods and to decrease or eliminate excessive caffeine, alcohol and sugars/sugary food.  If you are ingesting too many new toxins, it makes it harder for your body to release the old stuck stored toxins.

40 day program - $149 ~ Now $99

(there is a 2 payment option- $50 to start, $49 by email invoice 30 days later)

Sign up by purchasing the program in the Cart

and your detox program will automatically start that evening when you sign up by 5pm -

if you sign up after 5pm it will start the next day.

Congratulations on taking care of your health!

If you start the program and need a break from it, notify us by text, call or email and

we will suspend it for as many days as you specify.

If you start the program and then decide that you don’t want to continue with it at all- let us know and we will stop the program for you.  There are no refunds once the program has started.

If you are interested in doing another detox program, it is necessary to give your body a break to integrate the changes before doing another 40 day detox- so it is not recommended to do back to back detoxes - you should have at least a 20 day break in between them (so starting about every 2 months/60 days) and you will want to check in with your body and intuition if that is right for you - it may be better timing to do once every 3 months instead - and it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before doing another detox program.

Continue to drink plenty of water during the 20 day or more break.  

You may find that the water you drink gets absorbed better with the detox.



​Testimonials for the Detox Program



We were taking care of the grandchildren when this program started- I had caught a nasty virus from our granddaughter and had my sickest day on Thursday.  Friday I awoke feeling amazingly better and had energy throughout the day.  In general, I am feeling like I am on the mend and gaining more energy each day – I continue to progress.  No noticeable interference in daily activities at all.  I feel as though my body is cleansing itself and that I am getting rid of stuff.

Thanks, Cookie K.



After 1 week - craving for chocolate seems to be less and did lose a couple of pounds.  Emotionally doing really well.  Haven’t noticed any negative side effects.  Grateful! 

 Connie E.

Note: the Detox program is not designed as a weight loss program- it's possible that this could be a positive side effect of it.



I had a breakthrough and had my first moment of mindfulness, and improved mood, thanks.

Melanie M.



I am feeling less pain overall. I have not felt any negatives from the program. 

Christine J.



I have found that I’ve felt inspired to drink more water than before.  It’s been one year since I found and thus began treatment for my breast cancer.  Currently, I feel strong and fortunately vital again.  During the past year, I also began my catering business again and have for the past three months worked harder, physically and emotionally than I have in the past 20 years.  I will attest that something is helping me have as much endurance as I did 20 years ago and I suffer no fatigue even after working 24 hours straight through.  I’d say, something is helping me and obviously not interfering in any way with my day to day activities.

Val J.

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