Releasing Sacrifice & Suffering

at Unity Minneapolis

4000 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley

(In Person Only-Conference Call not available at this location)

Wednesday, April 24th, 7:00 to 8:30pm

Let go of negative programming/beliefs and past Soul traumas of sacrifice,

suffering and lack issues with Advanced Energy Healing-

this is not a journaling exercise; this is not a counseling session- it is deep healing at your Soul level.  

We will also do releasing for loss of power; feeling trapped; cancelling old contracts, vows and obligations that no longer serve you;  removing blocks and negative energy; healing from your ancestors; Soul fragment retrieval; and much more.  

Are you ready to come down off of your cross?

Sign up ahead by purchasing in the Cart or drop in - $20

Releasing Depression

 April 26th, 7-9pm

In Person or by Conference Call

at the Metamorphosis Center

8646 Eagle Creek Parkway, #101, Savage

(Lower Level - Elevator Available)

For adults (18 and over) - $29

sign up by purchasing the session in the Cart

Drop in’s are welcome - cash, check, credit cards

Releasing the negative programming/beliefs, traumas that allow

depression to be held in your body and energy field 


Spiritual Acceleration (SA) is deep energy healing that removes negative beliefs, programs, patterns and old paradigms back to its origin through all levels of your Soul, body and mind.  The clearing occurs on all levels whether it's this lifetime, past lifetimes, inherited through birth or adopted family genetics, or acquired through collective consciousness. 


SA removes everything back to its origin- anything whether conscious or unconscious: your negative beliefs, programs, decisions, fears, resentments, grudges, rejections, regrets and the trauma, contracts, vows, pain, suffering, curses, karma, shame, blame and guilt attached to any of them.  We retrieve the wisdom and the lessons while marking them complete so you do not carry them forward anymore.  Along with many other things we also do retrieval of Soul fragments and removal of energy that is not yours.


Everyone receives ALL of the healing that is done.  We sit in chairs (at tables so you can journal if you like)- you are awake during the session- this is not hypnosis.  I work with your conscious, unconscious, Higher Self and Super Consciousness during the session to release the problems or blockages.  


Nancy Hyvarinen is a Spiritual Acceleration Advanced Practitioner with 25 years of alternative healing and western medicine experience.  She draws on her vast experience as a Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Quantum Healing Advanced Practitioner and Theta Healing Advanced Practitioner for each session.


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