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Releasing Depression

Online Deep Healing Session

Saturday, March 28th, 1:00 to 2:30pm - $10

Everyone who signs up receives the zoom replay link and the audio recording -

if you are unable to be online with us, you will still be sent both of them.

This session is for men and women- that will include: 

*Releasing the negative programming/beliefs, traumas that allow depression to be held in your body and energy field;

*Releasing Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms and causes;

*Clearing your aura and body of negative energy and depression that is not yours;

*Releasing depressive recreational drug effects from you (alcohol, marijuana, etc);

*Releasing experiences that have made you feel hopeless or helpless; 

*Releasing traumas that caused disassociation reactions or suppression of emotions;

*Releasing unworthiness origins; 

*Releasing common event causes of depression like: financial ruin, childbirth, etc;

*Release ideas, decisions of suicide; release the trauma of past suicidal behavior;
*Resetting your mirror neurons - they become fatigued and contribute to depression;

*Resetting of the circadian rhythms; 

*Resetting and balancing of brain chemicals and hormones;
*and more - all of this is done for your own past Soul history and for your ancestors that you have inherited any of this from. 

Note: This is not a journaling, coaching or counseling session- it is deep energy healing at your Soul level- yet you are welcome to journal if you would like to. 

Spiritual Acceleration (SA) & Theta Healing (TH) is deep energy healing that removes negative beliefs, programs, patterns back to its origin through all levels of your Soul, mind and body. The clearing occurs on all levels whether it's this lifetime, past lifetimes, inherited through ancestors by birth or adopted family, or acquired through collective consciousness. Removes negative decisions, fears, resentments, grudges, rejections, regrets, contracts, vows, pain, suffering, curses, karma, shame, blame and guilt. We retrieve the wisdom, lessons and your Soul pieces. 

Everyone receives all of the healing that is done. We sit in chairs- you are awake during the session- this is not hypnosis. I work with your conscious, unconscious, Higher Self and Super Consciousness during the session to release the problems or blockages. 


Sign up via the Cart Tab
If you are unable to join in the session for any reason, you will still be sent the audio recording. 

Nancy Hyvarinen has 25 years experience as a
Spiritual Acceleration, Theta Healing & Quantum Healing Advanced Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Hypnosis Practitioner & Trainer, and Reiki Master; 20 years of Western Medicine experience. 

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