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Organizing - Clearing Clutter - Room Arranging


A logical step by step process to get your home or work spaces cleared and organized.  When you are stuck, it makes all the difference to have someone knowledgeable and experienced to get the project moving forward to get it all sorted out. 

I use professional clutter clearing strategies to get the project going fast and then energy flow techniques to arrange furniture and wall pictures make the room look and feel great.  Included in the hours package is a detailed comprehensive energy clearing of the entire home or business building- this clears stagnant energy and energy that is not yours out of the building and property.


I have been organizing and clearing clutter for homes and businesses in the Twin Cities for 35 years.  I have experience with everything from simple clutter or downsizing to move to extreme hoarding.  This is another aspect of my healing work as your living and working environment is key to your health, wellbeing, productivity and prosperity.

The hours can be for one room, several or the whole house/business building.


2 hour session - $120

3 hour session - $179

4 hour session - $239


5 hour session - $299


6 hour session - $359


7 hour session - $419


8 hour session - $479


Call/Text Nancy to schedule your day and time at 612-401-3999. 

You can schedule one day at a time or several. 

Payment is done after each organizing session by cash,

check (business or personal) or credit card.  


Do you work at home? Consider paying by business check or credit card to

take advantage of a business tax deduction, per your tax advisor. 

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